Leah Ramirez preaches out of a compelling.  She says, “The Word of God is like a fire shut up in my very bones that I cannot contain and I cannot hold back.”  Her messages provoke and encourage, they challenge and they build up.  She has a way of finding the invitation that is open over a church or region, and calling the church to come in!

When Leah was about 9 years old, her parents gave their lives in complete surrender to Jesus.  Everything changed!  From early on in her life, Leah began to hear the voice of God but it wasn’t until she turned 15 years old that Leah made a decision to follow Jesus.  Over those early years, Leah gave herself to study of the Word.  She was captivated and fascinated with God.  But over time, her heart grew cold.  In later years, she continued to study the scriptures through the academic study of religion at The George Washington University, but she found what many others have found, the mind cannot know God.  We access Him through the Spirit.  We access Him through our surrender.  She was lost again.

Leah began to hit rock bottom.  Working several jobs to pay her rent after college and not making ends meet, Leah began to sell cocaine through the bartending contacts she had made.  Everything began to spiral out of control.  Unbeknownst to Leah, her family decided to pray and fast for one week together to contend for her breakthrough and salvation.  After several supernatural interventions from the Lord in Leah’s life that week, Leah recommitted her life back to the Lord.  She called home to tell her family the news, and was undone by the Lord’s goodness!  Our God hears and He acts on behalf of those who wait and call upon Him.  Thank God for praying families!!

Upon returning to Orlando, Leah did not know what to do next.  She couldn’t go back to her old life.  She told the Lord that her life now belonged to Him utterly and completely, and that she would yield to whatever directive He would reveal.  Later in the week, she attended her first church service.  The pastor asked the community to stand before he preached.  He told the church to tell the Lord what they needed to receive from Him.  Leah again prayed to God for direction for her life.  The pastor then went on to preach from a book called, ‘God’s Generals,’ by Roberts Liardon.  The book was a summary biography of 12 lives, three of which were women, who had turned their generation upside down for God.  Leah had never seen a woman preach.  She didn’t know women could enter the ministry.  Suddenly, she heard the voice of the Lord call out to her.  Right there the Lord called Leah into the ministry.  For the next several years, Leah was mentored by the pastor (Bill McIntosh) who had preached this very message.

Over the years, Leah has done just about every kind of ministry that can be done.  For several years she was an outreach director, a prayer director, and then a small group director.  She ran campus ministries and taught in ministry school.  She served in the mission field in Mexico for several years.  Later she pioneered a full-time ministry school called Resound Missions Base and House of Prayer.  Eventually, a church was born!  She began to speak internationally all over the world, and host her own Gospel campaigns.  God has exceeded her expectations in every way.

Of course, she hasn’t done this alone!  Somewhere along the way, Leah met Larry Ramirez, who she calls, “The craziest man for God I ever met.”  The two married, and have two beautiful children, Juniah and Judah.  Together they live in Orlando, Florida, where they pastor Resound Community Church with a focus on missions, both local and abroad.