I hadn’t heard much about it. A Facebook post, but nothing more. And so, life, busy as it is, swallowed up any intention I had of looking into it further. But then an invitation opened up from my friend (Diana Longwell), who had signed up to lead a worship set on the Washington Mall in D.C. And just like that, it was back on my radar.

For anyone who is acquainted with putting on big events, Awaken the Dawn trumps all. It was not one big event. It was *58 big events all hosted in the same area during the same time period. The logistics alone made my head swim. And then let us consider the time period. This was not some 2-hour window. This was 24 hours a day for 4 consecutive days. That’s a total of 96 hours for those who aren’t keeping track. Now multiply that with 58 tents and you have 5,568 opportunities for what could amount to a logistical nightmare!

But with everything that could have gone wrong (and I’m sure there were some frustrations along the way), all I saw was everything that went right. The nameless faceless lovers of Jesus came and they led worship hour after hour. They sang about his worth and the intercessors offered prayers on behalf of their state for the nation. It was beautiful. More than that, it felt like the materialized dream of God’s heart.

David Bradshaw, the director of Awaken the Dawn, stepped out in faith, and I, for one, am so glad he did. Considering the details of hosting something on this scale such as securing the National Mall, renting the tents and staging, organizing the state and regional tents, getting the word out, etc… I’m sure there were at least a few moments of doubt. Maybe more than a few moments. Thank God David and his team pushed through.

What I witnessed was far more than an event. It was the beginning of something that has been prophesied for many years: A new Jesus movement. Everyone who came had a place. Everyone who came had a role. Everyone had a divine assignment. I’ve been to many conferences and prayer events where the people (rightfully) come to receive, but this was something different. People came to give! They came to pour themselves out. This was a different kind of intentionality.

It was a holy offering.

On the fourth day, the National Mall hosted a women’s gathering called Rise Up, which was organized by Lou Engle and The Call team. I have been to many Call events for the last 10 years. In fact, our ministry was birthed out of The Call Nashville, 0n 07-07-07, so we have tracked with and been part of many, if not most of The Call events for just over a decade. That being said, this event was especially powerful!

There was a particular section where we, as mothers, cried out for our children. I was standing to the side of the crowd. After back injuries and surgeries, I make a general practice of avoiding any jostling when possible. Being on the sidelines gives me a unique perspective on a meeting or event. I’m witness and participant all at once. There, by the carousel and concession stand, the power of God for intercession broke out on these mothers and grandmothers on behalf of their children. Women began to wail. They cried out for their prodigal children with such passion.

(To see the specific section, go to 100.14 from the end of this video.)

In truth, I have never been in a large gathering where I experienced anything like this hour of intercession! We were caught up together in a divine moment. God anointed us to pray. And even now, writing this a few days later, I am remembering the faces of those mothers, tears streaming down, crying out for their children. And somehow, I know that our God heard and He will act. I believe every prayer will be answered and every prodigal will return home!

How can we contend for every other nation, and not believe for an awakening to unfold in our own country? At Ask for the Nations, our hearts burn for the nations because the Lord’s heart burns for the nations… but He has not forgotten us. He has not forsaken America. What hope we have in Jesus! What a hope we have in Him.

So, what more can I say? The tents were packed up and the dust has settled, but this is just the beginning. Lift up your eyes and keep watch. This is the beginning, but what a good beginning it is!

*There were a total of 58 tents. All U.S. states had a tent, and then there were regional tents for more corporate prayer and worship opportunities.