Even though I was born and grew up in Orlando, Florida, I had only visited the Disney parks a handful of times. The truth is, without looking into it, I had always assumed that being a Disney pass holder was an expense that I couldn’t afford. I was wrong!

This past year we became weekly pass holders, which is just perfect for our schedule. Yeah, we miss the weekends, but I work on the weekends. I have found creative ways to include Disney as part of our homeschool curriculum. It gets us out of the house, and it’s just fun!

Until this year, I had never gone to Epcot. It’s by far become our family’s favorite park. There is something incredible about the way the World Showcase of nations is marked out. The music, the food, the learning activities… you’re immersed in a culture, even if it’s only for an hour (or less). It’s awesome!

My passion for many years has been missions. I’m a pastor and I love what we do locally, but my heart burns for the nations. There is something about being somewhere “other” that makes how we relate to the Gospel somehow more real. We see it. We hear it. It becomes more alive to us. I want my kids to have the opportunity to develop the same passion for other nations. We have so much to learn from other cultures.

During several trips to Epcot, I would think of the friends I have met doing missions over the years in China and the UK, etc. I would remember our talks and their prayer requests. And that got me thinking… For my children maybe I could help link these real people, these real ministries, in our walk around the nations at Epcot.

I thought about it. I prayed about it. And then I created it. Epcot’s World Showcase: Prayer Cards. There are cards and prayer points that correspond to each of the nations in Epcot’s Showcase. They are beautiful, the prayers are easy to read, and they are powerful.

We just took out first walk with the cards last week, and I captured a little of our time together with our friends, the Dunaway family. If you’d like to order a set for your upcoming vacation, or to use in your homeschooling time, just visit our shop. We are selling them for $20 a set, but we have a coupon running now that uses the code: EPCOTMISSIONS. Enjoy!