Hi! Welcome to the Ask For the Nations Blog! We are excited to share more of our journey with you here.

We want to start things off by sharing our story behind the #WearYourPrayer Campaign and the jewelry subscription boxes.

Leah and I (Debra) had spent months- okay, maybe years?- talking about the Proverbs 31 woman. You’ve probably heard of her… She seems to be thriving in every arena: home, family, business, finance, ministry, etc. She gets up early. She stays up late. She takes care of her home. She makes things. She sells things. She buys property. She is entrepreneurial. On one hand, her life seemed so impossible. But on the other hand, it gave us hope.

As mothers and wives, we’d felt the time constraint of responsibility. There weren’t enough hours in the day. ¬†We were in the swamping season of motherhood (surprise baby, anyone?) and neck-deep in homeschooling, all while wading through marriage seasons and church life (Leah pastoring, Debra serving). We weren’t unhappy. We wanted every single minute of the lives we had. But… we wanted something else, too. There was this desire we both had, a desire to not only put effort into thriving at home, but also to be thriving in things outside of our four walls. In that way, the Proverbs 31 woman was encouraging and inspiring. She thrived in it all. Not only in home-making. Her passion and influence extended beyond.

So we dreamed. We talked about all kinds of dreams and desires we had: fostering children; traveling; creating multiple sources of income; modeling ambition, business, and ministry to our children; investing in something bigger than ourselves; a passion for prayer and intercession; helping others; connecting believers; a desire for the nations; etc. We also talked about our current roles, and our desire to succeed in them and not settle for just surviving.

Finally, one day, we somehow ended up going running. For Leah, this isn’t shocking, but I confess: I’m no runner. But ran we did! We were jogging and walking in intervals. On the walking segments, while catching our breath, Leah started sharing an idea. An idea that connected the dots and would eventually be called the #WearYourPrayer Campaign.

Leah’s idea of the jewelry subscription boxes was exciting! They¬†encompassed so many of the dreams we’d been sharing. These boxes would connect believers from across the globe and raise up intercessors as the subscribers prayed for the artisans, ministries and respective nations, every time they wore the hand-made pieces.

We weren’t sure how to walk it out, but we made a decision that day to try! In full support, Larry (Leah’s husband), bought both of us the book, “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright, in which the author encourages women to create a business doing what they love, and walks the reader through the step-by-step process from that first idea to success. Leah and I began meeting once a week to discuss chapters. This book was game changing!

Our discussions gradually included action steps. We contacted ministries, researched subscription boxes and shipping, and kept tweaking things as we went along. Leah spent hours and hours designing everything from websites and videos to cards and mailers.

And here we are! That run took place in the beginning of the summer and we have just mailed our very first subscription boxes in September!!

We both feel like this is just the beginning! We have more ideas and dreams in our hearts to expand and enrich the #WearYourPrayer Campaign as we go on.

Throughout the next month as we lead into the next subscription boxes, we will be sharing various posts and articles here. We will highlight ministries within the country this month’s jewelry is from, showcase artisans, and also share other things Ask For The Nations is up to! We are so thankful that you are here, partnering with us to change the lives of others. It’s going to be an adventure!


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